Friday, July 22, 2011

it has been a really long time since I last made a post...... now that I have better internet and I am able to do things alot faster I plan on making more post. A lot has happened since the last post way too long to even try and write about my hopes are that maybe I can use the Blog to share our family story! maybe even have more followers? we should see! I will post pictures of the boys soon and also remeber to follow my other Blog! I will share cooking tips and recipes we use around here. until next time! Be Blessed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes I'm still Here!

Well its been 5 months since I had Brayden but it feels like its been years! hes a really good baby and I love the fact that I'm mommy to two WONDERFUL boys.... Brodie has adjusted really well and other than getting on Brays nerves things are great he's so attentive and thoughtful if baby wakes up and he thinks I've not heard he will come in and let me know that the baby is crying and that I NEED to go and pick him up or if hes just fussing big bro will tell me that he needs MILK MILK I just love it Bray is sleeping through the nite and by that I mean 7 - 8 hrs straight so I'm really lucky we have recently started baby food which I waited bc of the allergies big Bro suffers I have to be careful with Bray just in case the doctor said so we waited until 5 months but the kid was sooo ready to have something other than milk - milk he'd reach for anything that was near him and put it in his mouth sooooo I finally got the hint so I made rice cereal (homemade) and that went really good he acted like he'd been eating from a spoon for ever! hes now eating three meal a day and other than the severe constipation episode things are going well( and by the way if you or any family member EVER gets constipated PLEASE try pear juice!) Last nite I gave Bray some in a bottle diluted of course and I tell you it was like magic Oh and Krista, Renees little girl had some since she cought me pouring some for Bray she wanted some too well let me tell you! it was EXPLOSIVE but any way enough of the gross stuff............. I have gotten settled and used to having two but still have not managed to get out of the house and be on time for anything it feels like I have to load half of the boys belongings just to go to the grocery store! I mean I have to be ready for the emergency righ? anyway sorry its been so long but Im just now getting my brain back ( well what little I have) Ive had alot of frustrations but they are overpowered by the great blessings God has given to me .......... Well this is it for now I will try and figure out how to update that little strip on top that tells you how old the boys are but Im pretty sure I will need some back up from Molly because as you can tell I dont even know the name for it! wow and my husband lets me on the computer? I told him today how I only know how to turn the comp on and off and guys thats really it I think if I let Brodie play with it he might teach a thing or two I just forget the steps and process and end up messing up the page or just plaing shutting down the whole network sooooooo if theres ever a black out in Bham ummmm it might just be me not knowing what Im doing! yes Im that bad..... sad sad but true well until next time lots of love!